The good effects of Vitamin Sea


Umdloti 1A few weeks ago our little family spent a couple of days on South Africa’s north coast in a little town called Umdloti.

It was good for my soul to spend time surrounded by nature, the sea and taking long walks on the beach. I went totally offline. For days I woke up not knowing what the time is.

Life is packed with deadlines and meetings and things to do. So instead I decided to abandon all that and listen to my body’s natural rhythm and what nature had to tell me.

A strange thing always happens to me on holiday. Some of the biggest life decisions I’ve ever made happened while I was somewhere at the coast, in the bush or in the mountains.

Removing myself from the daily grind of life gave me time to step back, reflect and spend some time in my head with my thoughts. I’ve learnt to listen to my heart and go with my first instinct – it hasn’t proved me wrong yet.

I’ve always found these words of wisdom helpful when making decisions:Umdloti 2

Ask yourself two questions: Is this choice good for me? Is this choice good for my family? Then listen to what your heart says. – Andrew J. Kelley

Make the small decisions with your head and the big ones with your heart. – Emily Keith

So what was my big decision this time? Well, it wasn’t a big one. It felt more like my heart was gently, but firmly pulling me back towards what I really love. For a while now I’ve been thinking that my job in public relations is not right for me, but now I’ve made a decision to move back to my first love – and that is writing and journalism. I see it as relocating and rearranging my life. The beach is good for the soul.