But first, cappuccino


Coffee – or cappuccino to be accurate – is important in my life. I have developed a habit of taking photos of my coffee wherever I go, and posting these on my Instagram account.

Take a look at these photos of some of my favourite cappuccinos over the past year or so, taken all over South Africa and in the Netherlands.

What I enjoy most about the ritual of ordering a cappuccino is the surprise of what it looks like. However, the contents should not be a lucky packet – strong and warm is a must. 🙂

I love the detail: the shape and colour of the cup, the old-school doilies (these only come with the cup in country places), the biscuits (usually shortcake or ginger and is always a plus point for me – the hand-shaped biscuit is my favourite).  Then there are disposable cups – sometimes corrugated, printed or biodegradable.

I also look at the colour of the coffee, the density of the foam and the patterns. Oh, I love the patterns! Sometimes these are added using a stencil with a dusting of cocoa or cinnamon.

What’s really impressive is if the barista creates a heart by pouring the milk in a certain way or writes words with chocolate syrup. Occasionally a few coffee beans are sprinkled on top.

Taking time out for a coffee is something I do just for me. It is fun, makes me smile and helps me to relax (unless the coffee is cold – then I ask for a new one!)

When was the last time you did something just for you? 




Doodle art to understand depression


I found this really awesome page on twitter called Doodle Chronicles. The doodles document the author’s journey towards understanding her severe clinical depression and anxiety. I think they are just amazing. Spread the word and show your support by following @DoodleChronicle if you are on Twitter. I can relate to each one and find them so helpful! 






I’m pouring a glass of this


wine label


I bought some wine today (not a rare incident, I can assure you) and this is what the description on the bottle said about this wine. Isn’t it just wonderful? 🙂 It’s the most beautiful wine description I’ve ever read – a one-sentence summary of all my favourite things! Food, fires, holidays at the coast, nights out, evenings in, quiet dinners and loud guests. 😉 All that I’d like to add to this list is good music. Now I’m going to try the wine!