Share your story – someone needs to hear it


Who hasn’t heard of JK Rowling? I’m sure most people out there know that she’s the author of the Harry Potter fantasy series. Some say it has become the best selling book series in history.  But you know what I think is even more remarkable about her? That she’s been so open about her battle with clinical depression. JK Rowling 1

The world needs more people like her who unashamedly stand up and tell their story. Someone to challenge the stigma and discrimination against people who live with mental illness.

It’s a little weird that some media report on her story saying it is a “devastating confession” – I’m not so sure what’s devastating about it. And the word “confession” implies that someone is admitting that they are guilty of a crime. Language is powerful. It is so important that we change the language around mental illness.

It is so freeing just to tell people what you are struggling with.

Your illness doesn’t define you.JK Rowling 3 It isn’t a flaw in your character.

Imagine you got blamed for having cancer – crazy isn’t it? Mental illness is just as real. And as the saying goes: labels are for jars…not people.