Celebrating a year of living



Tuesday 24 March marked one of the defining moments of my life. I celebrated my one-year anniversary of being admitted to a psychiatric clinic. I was living with uncontrolled clinical depression, PTSD and anxiety and I came dangerously close to ending my life.

That experience is the reason why I started this blog. To celebrate life, talk about living with depression and raise awareness about mental health issues.

You might wonder why I am celebrating my admission to a hospital. This is because I was so relieved and happy that finally I could start my journey to living the kind of life I want. A life filled with joy, adventure, incredible happiness and freedom. I learnt how to listen to my own voice and my soul.

I live with a grateful heart. My life is a precious gift. I am so thankful to the people I met at Crescent – the psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and the amazing friends I made. They got to know my story and what I’m all about.

So I decided to do something brave. I told my story to a South African magazine and they published the article. It was a very sanitised and simplified version – but credit to the journalist who told a difficult story so well. I hope that my story can help someone else who is facing something similar.

So now I have two birthdays. 12 January when I came into this world and 24 March, the day when I started living my one wild and precious life.